Flexible Encoder Get RPM Samples

Recovers the RPM Samples specified for the referenced absolute encoder source. The user may select to recover a single RPM sample point or the entire vector. Recovering a single sample is more efficient when the application only requires a single value.

Block ID

Get RPM Samples




Block Parameters

Parameter Field Values Comments/Description
Reference Source Name Alpha-numeric text, quote enclosed The name of the absolute source that this block is to recover the RPM sample points from.
Get Single Sample Checkbox Check the box to recover a single RPM sample point as specified by the Get Sample# entry that is only visible when checked. Leave the box unchecked to recover the entire set of RPM sample points from the referenced source. 
Get Sample# numeric (1..255) A one-based index that defines the RPM sample to recover from the referenced source. 
Get Sample Vector of N Samples numeric (1..255) Set to the number of RPM samples that the referenced source supports. This value sizes the output and will error during Simulink update (CTRL+D) if there is a mismatch in the specified size versus the size defined by the referenced source. The active dimensions of the vector can be recovered via the Get Source Info block.