Interpolation Reference (1-D)

This MotoHawk™ block performs the same operation as a MotoHawk Interpolation (1-D) block, but does not define any data or create any variables visible to instrumentation tools.

Block ID



MotoHawk_lib/Lookup Tables


This block performs a linear interpolation on the vector, "Table Data," using precalculated indices and distance fractions provided by the Prelookup block. This block is used with the MotoHawk Prelookup or MotoHawk Prelookup Reference block. Data storage created by any other MotoHawk Data Definition may be referenced (by supplying index to input). However, proper viewing of the associated index array by instrumentation tools will only be available if the data from another MotoHawk Interpolation 1-D block is referenced. 

Block Parameters

Parameter Field Values Comments/Description
Data Name (including Tbl suffix, if referencing another table) Alpha-numeric text, single-quote enclosed. Identify the Table name, matching an existing Table in the model.  No special characters, such as spaces, dashes, commas (underscore allowed).
Table Data Type Drop-down list Select data type.