Prelookup Index Search (Reference)

This MotoHawk™ block performs the same operation as a MotoHawk Prelookup block, but does not define any data or create any variables visible to instrumentation tools.

Block ID



MotoHawk_lib/Lookup Tables


Data Storage created by any another MotoHawk Data Definition may be referenced. However, proper viewing of the associated index array by instrumentation tools will only be available if the data from another MotoHawk Prelookup block is referenced and also the Reference Name parameter for this block provides a unique name.

Block Parameters

Parameter Field Values Comments/Description
Data Name (including IdxArr suffix, if referencing another Prelookup) Alpha-numeric text, single-quote enclosed Name of the variable. Should be unique and C-legal (no special characters such as spaces, dashes or commas (underscore allowed)).
Reference Name (Optional) Alpha-numeric text, single-quote enclosed An optional globally unique and C-legal (no special characters such as spaces, dashes or commas (underscore allowed)) lookup name. When provided, proper viewing of ths lookup instance is available in the instrumentation tool. If a Reference Name is not provided, this lookup instance will have no visibility in the instrumentation tool, and a downstream table lookup will also not be able to be viewed as a map object (it can be viewed as an array though.)
Breakpoint Data Type Drop-down list Select a data type from list, or select "Inherit from 'Table Data'" to set type as inferred from entry in Table Data field. Be sure to select a data type if there is possible ambiguity.