Memory Region Definition

This MotoHawk™ block defines the behaviour and attributes of a Memory Region that has been defined in a Memory Map Definition.

Block ID

Memory Region Definition




This block defines the behaviour and attributes of a Memory Region that has been listed in a Memory Map Definition. Each Region in a Memory Resource must have a behaviour attached. The behaviour controls how the memory is accessed (load/store/protected). Each Behaviour can have it's own set of configuration options. These are presented in the block mask for the user to configure. Behaviours can be target and Memory Resource specific.

Block Mask ExampleBlock Mask Example

Note: In exceptional cases it may be desirable control the location and behaviour of a memory region using a mechanism external to MotoHawk (e.g. extension file). Check the Define Name Only option to register the memory region without having to define the region's attributes. A compilation error will result if an external mechanism does not correctly define the memory region.

Block Parameters

Parameter Field Values Comments/Description
Memory Region Name Single quote enclosed alpha-numeric text A unique, C-legal name references the Region defined in the Map.
Define Name Only Check box When checked it allows the Memory Region behavior and map location to be configured using an external mechanism (e.g. extension file). The region Name must not be included in a Memory Map Definition as a conflict would result. For normal operation ensure this check box is clear.
Memory Resource Drop down Selects the resource that defines the region.
Behaviour Drop down Selects the behavior to be attached to the region.
Options Drop down Zero or more behaviour specific options may be presented. See Memory Regions for details on each Behavior.