MotoHawk OBD Fault Status Get

This block returns the status of the condition (boolean) selected by the "Fault Condition" parameter.

Block ID

OBD Fault Status


MotoHawk OBD Fault Manager


Block Parameters

Parameter Field Values Comments/Description
Fault Source Drop-down List If "Lookup By Name" is selected, the "Fault Name" parameter is used. If "Input Reference Signal", then the input port is used.
Fault Name Edit (optional) This is the name of an existing fault. This can be a cell array of fault names as well if more than one fault status is desired.
Fault Condition Drop-down List Choose one of the following conditions: Suspected, Pending, Confirmed, Ready, MIL Request, Previously Active, Permanent, Test Failed Since Last Clear, Failed This Drive Cycle, Test Complete This Drive Cycle, Test Failing, Failed Last Drive Cycle, or Test Failed Since Key Cycle.