Woodward commercial software products such as MotoHawk™, MotoTune™, etc., have usage restrictions enforced via licensing schemes.

End User licenses are available in the form of the "Token License." This means the user requires a security token to have access to licensed software/features.



A Feature is a subset of functionality that is licensed separately from the main product (for example, the ability to use a certain codec or program a certain type of module). A particular license may be limited to or add on specific Features (e.g. SAEJ1939).

Licensing Installation Notes

Newer versions of MotoHawk may need to install newer, but backward compatible, licensing components. For example artf60822 added newer licensing.

A successful installation is most likely when all MATLAB sessions are ended before running the installer. The MotoHawk installer may request to continue the installation after a machine reboot if MATLAB sessions have not been ended. Unfortunately, restarting the installation after a machine reboot does not actually work. Users who find themselves in this situation may be able to resolve their machine state by first uninstalling the MotoHawk version that was just installed, then re-running the installer with the administrator privileges.