Partner Program
Eontronix, China
Automotive electronics are gaining more and more significance. The number of ECUs in the automobile is consistently increasing. In-vehicle networks which connect all the ECUs lead to higher performance and greater cost reduction. The development of these technologies and products require advanced tools for prototyping, testing, calibration, and validation. Eontronix has been teaming up with renown US/European companies in the automotive electronics industry to provide such development tools to customers in China and other Asian countries.

Faar Industry, France
FAAR Industry offers customers:
  • Generic embedded software developed under Simulink with the following definitions (2, 4, 8 cylinders, turbo, VVT, VCR, etc)
  • Automotive ECU MPC555 family based
  • Full Simulink open libraries for control software
  • Complete tool chain for development, code generation calibration application for engine management system
Cybernet Systems Taiwan
Cybernet Systems Taiwan is an important stronghold of CYBERNET in Asia Pacific, delivers advanced, high-performance mathematical computation tools, optical system design, characterization and measurement of a wide variety of light-emitting components and systems, electronic design automation (EDA) solutions and auto electronics design tools, as well as providing connected technical support, training and customer service.

ControlWorks Inc., Korea
ControlWorks is well known as an automotive electronics & control solutions systems provider in Korea. Specifically, ControlWorks offers RCP (rapid control prototype) type ECUs, HILs (hardware-in-the-loop simulation) systems, data acquisition systems, internal combustion engine control systems, and many more. ControlWorks also provides customized control solutions according to the customer's need for all areas requiring application-specific control solutions, such as construction equipment, agricultural machinery, watercraft, defense armored vehicles, railway vehicles, and aviation as well.

New Eagle, United States & Canada
New Eagle is an integrator and provider of tools, products, services for mechatronic controls development. New Eagle is the North American distributor of Woodward's MotoHawk® Controls Solutions, and can help move a customer from prototype to production using the Talon® model-based development process. New Eagle is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and it services automotive, on- and off-highway, industrial, military, construction, and marine markets.