CAN Message(s) Send

This MotoHawk™ block will pack and transmit one or more CAN messages on the selected CAN channel.

Block ID

Send CAN Messages


MotoHawk_lib/CAN Blocks



Can Message block content and input types are determined by the Message definition file. It is also possible to transmit multiple messages from one CAN send block. More information about sending single and multiple CAN frames from the same CAN send block can be found here.

Note: Packing signals which consists of signed or unsigned integers greater than 32-bits long is not supported.

Block Parameters

Parameter Field Values Comments/Description
Reference Name Alpha-numeric text, single-quote enclosed Reference to CAN Definition channel on which to send, matching "Name" entry in CAN Definition block. No special characters, such as spaces, dashes, commas (underscore allowed)
Message Definition Identify message definition file.  See motohawk_can_example.m for single frame use and motohawk_can_multisend_example.m for multiple frame transmissions. Details on defining CAN definition scripts can be found here.
Pacing Interval [ms] Numeric Insert time to delay between transmitting messages for a multiple message group. The pacing interval will insert the selected amount of time between each message if an array of messages has been specified. The group of messages will be transmitted at the interval defined in the message structure but will have an inter-message delay of the Pacing Interval. If the number of messages multiplied by the pacing interval is longer than the message interval, the latter messages will be dropped, the cycle restarted with the first message in the group.
Label Wires with Field Names Check Box (enable) Select this checkbox to cause the field names to be applied to the wires leading into the block.