CAN Receive Slot Trigger

This MotoHawk™ block triggers whenever a CAN message is received on the given Slot.

Block ID

CAN Receive Slot Trigger


MotoHawk_lib/CAN Blocks




Block Parameters

Parameter Field Values Comments/Description
Trigger Name Alpha-numeric text, single-quote enclosed Set the text that will be appended to the code generated function name. This is useful when using a difference tool to compare the difference from one build to another. If this is left as an empty cell the appended value will be generated at build time, and can change from build to build.
Reference Slot Name Alpha-numeric text, single-quote enclosed Reference the name of the CAN slot, which upon reception of the CAN frame, will result in this trigger executing. For example the Read CAN Raw block's Slot Name or the Read CAN Message block's Slot Name.
Execution Order within Task (Lower executes first) Numeric (Integer) More than one trigger may be placed in a model that is driven by the same event. Use the Execution Order within Task attribute to define the execution order of these triggers relative to one another. The triggers will execute from the lowest Execution Order within Task value to the highest.

Only triggers with the same tasking priority will be guaranteed to execute in the defined order. See the Control Core Tasking help topic for more information.
Allow placement of trigger inside another triggered subsystem. Check Box (enable) Select to enable trigger inside a triggered subsystem.
Specify task that trigger executes within Check Box (enable) The developer is able to specify the task that this trigger will execute within. MotoHawk will select the task when the option is not checked (or it is not visible because the selected target does not support the feature).
Reference Task Name Alpha-numeric text, single quote enclosed The name of the task that this trigger will be executed within. When the application does not define its own tasks then use 'BGNDTask', 'FGNDTask' or 'ApplicationInterruptTask'.

Only visible when the option to Specify task that trigger executes within has been checked.