MotoHawk OBD Fault Property Get

This block retrieves the current fault property, either by name, or using a obdfault_T input reference.

The output may be one or all of the following properties:

Block ID

OBD Fault Property


MotoHawk OBD Fault Manager


Block Parameters

Parameter Field Values Comments/Description
Fault Source Drop-down List If "Lookup By Name" is selected, the "Fault Name" parameter is used. If "Input Reference Signal", then the input port is used.
Fault Name Edit (optional) This is the name of an existing fault.
Fault Property Drop-down List This is the list of properties (Suspected X Counts, Suspected Y Counts, Pending Drive Cycles, Total Drive Cycles, Suspected X Count Limit, Suspected Y Count Limit, Pending Drive Cycle Limit, Total Drive Cycle Limit, Emission-Related, and Is Permanent), plus the option to output all states.