MotoHawk OBD Fault Set

This block allows the user to set the suspected condition of a fault without using a definition block. This allows the application to distribute the "set" logic for faults throughout the application.

The "inhibit" port when enabled and driven true will prevent the suspected condition applied to input "s" from being applied.

If checked, the "Update X/Y counts" option will cause the X and Y counters to update when this block executes. If not checked, then the counts will not change, but the suspected condition will update.

An automatically created ECU parameter called FaultTest_<FaultName> will be available at runtime which can be used to force the fault to be considered suspected, even if the logic that drives the input port to this block is not active. This can be used to test the failure of the fault and the connected fault actions without satisfying the enable conditions for the fault in the application.

Block ID

OBD Fault Set


MotoHawk OBD Fault Manager


Block Parameters

Parameter Field Values Comments/Description
Fault Source Drop-down List If "Lookup By Name" is selected, the "Fault Name" parameter is used. If "Input Reference Signal", then the input port is used.
Fault Name Edit (optional) This is the name of an existing fault.
Show Inhibit Checkbox Displays the "inhibit" port when checked.
Update X/Y Counts Checkbox Specifies whether the X/Y counters are updated when this block is executed.