MotoHawk OBD Fault Set Condition

This block allows the user to set the selected OBD fault condition from the application instead of waiting for the Fault Manager to set or clear it. Variations in OBD regulations require that applications have the control to manually set or clear certain OBD fault conditions. Inputting a 1 into the "Condition" input port will set the selected OBD condition and a 0 will clear the selected condition.

Previous versions of MotoHawk supported a Set Readiness Block. That behavior has been replaced by this block. A checkbox exists to allow this block to emulate the behavior of that block so upgrade will be seamless.

Block ID

OBD Fault Set State


MotoHawk OBD Fault Manager


Block Parameters

Parameter Field Values Comments/Description
Fault Source Drop-down List If "Lookup By Name" is selected, the "Fault Name" parameter is used. If "Input Reference Signal", then the input port is used.
Fault Name Edit (optional) This is the name of an existing fault.
Use set Ready Checkbox Checking this option will remove the set/clear functionality and instead will only allow the Ready condition to be set when the inhibit input is false. The primary reason for this checkbox is to allow this block to emulate the "Set Readiness" block that may have existed in models built on an earlier version of MotoHawk.
OBD Condition Drop-down List The OBD condition that is to be set or cleared by the associated input port. Only applicable (and visible) when the Use set Ready option is not checked.