MotoHawk OBD Fault Get Fault

This block outputs a "obdfault_T" that specifies the most recent fault that satisfies the parameter criteria.

When placed in a subsystem triggered by a OBD Fault Activity Trigger, this block can be used to determine
which fault caused the trigger.

Block ID

OBD Last Fault


MotoHawk OBD Fault Manager


Block Parameters

Parameter Field Values Comments/Description
Most Recent Condition Change: Drop-down list Choose one of the following conditions: Suspected, Pending, Confirmed, Ready, MIL Request, Previously Active, Permanent, Test Failed Since Last Clear, Failed This Drive Cycle, Test Complete This Drive Cycle, Test Failing, Failed Last Drive Cycle, or Test Failed Since Key Cycle.
Edge Drop-down list The Edge property identifies which edge to report. Rising indicates that the condition transitioned from an inactive to an active condition. Falling indicates that the condition transitioned from an active to an inactive condition.