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How Do I Check What Licenses are on my Token?

License Viewer

How can I determine what licenses are on my MotoHawk dongle, and how many versions I need to be current?<br\>

You can easily see what MotoHawk licenses are on your dongle, and how many versions it will take to be back in date. To do this:

  1. Place the MotoHawk Dongle in the USB port of your computer.
  2. Lauch the License Viewer Application in the Start Menu under Start --> All Programs --> MotoTools --> MotoTron License Viewer
  3. The Viewer will display the MotoHawk versions for which you are currently licensed.


In this case, the latest version the dongle is licensed to is 2012b.

To update to 2013b (and keep all versions back to 2008a), the dongle would need 2 versions (2013a and 2013b).

License Update

I want to Update My MotoHawk License. How can I do this?

The MotoHawk license can be easily updated through a Simple email Transaction, using the License Update Program.

Use the License Update program (in Windows: Start -> Programs -> MotoTools -> LicenseUpdate) to update licensing codes in a silver Woodward MCS MotoTron security token (dongle). LicenseUpdate creates a transaction file that can be emailed to for updating.

These steps are outlined in sections below:

Note: Updating a MotoHawk license generally requires the purchase of a MotoHawk License Maintanance (p/n 8928-5047). To speed up your License update, please include the Woodward Sales Order number with your license update request.

Buy a license update NOW
Follow this link to the 8928-5047 part in the Woodward webstore.

See MotoHawk and MotoTools Licensing for more information.

Create token update transaction

To create a TKF file:

NOTE: Make sure the dongle is currently inserted in the PC's USB port.

  1. Exit and close MotoTune/Server.
  2. Start the License Update utility: In windows, select START->All Programs->MotoTools->LicenseUpdate.
  3. In the License Update dialog, select the Create a new transaction button, then click Next.
    CreateTKFReadme img 0.png

  4. When prompted, click on OK.
    CreateTKFReadme img 1.png
    The contents of the token are extracted.
    CreateTKFReadme img 2.png

  5. At the dialog, specify a location where the token contents file will be saved. To navigate to a different location click on the browse button ( small button with 3 dots … ).
    CreateTKFReadme img 3.png

  6. After navigating to the folder desired, type a name in for the file, and click on the SAVE button.
    CreateTKFReadme img 4.png

  7. Click FINISH to exit the program.
    CreateTKFReadme img 5.png

  8. Email your file to for activation

NOTE: When emailing MCSLicense, be sure to include the reason you are sending the .tkf file and a valid Woodward Sales Order Number in your email. .

Update token with activation code

NOTE: Make sure the dongle is still inserted in the PC's USB port.

  1. Start the License Update utility: In Windows, select START->All Programs->MotoTools->LicenseUpdate.
  2. In the License Update dialog, select the Update the token with an activation code button, then click Next.
    License update select update.PNG

  3. Select the activation file that was sent to you and click next
    License update activation file.PNG

    The bar will show progress while the token is being updated

    License update updating token.PNG

  4. When the activation is complete click Finish

    License update activation complete.PNG

Canceling token update transaction

If you wish to cancel the transaction follow these steps to reactivate the dongle and be able to continue working with it again.

This cancel the existing .tkf file and you will need to create a new one for an update at a later time. :

NOTE: Make sure the dongle is still inserted in the PC's USB port.

  1. Run the LicenseUpdate.exe program again (select START->All Programs->MotoTools->LicenseUpdate).
    CreateTKFReadme img 6.png

  2. Select the Cancel an existing transaction button. Then click NEXT.
    CreateTKFReadme img 7.png

  3. Click OK.