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Welcome to the MotoHawk Wiki

MotoHawk Wiki is a community website for Woodward Employees and customers to disperse information about MotoHawk, Woodward. (So, what is a Wiki??)

It is also a repository of technical knowledge for those that wish to know a little bit more about how MotoHawk, MotoTune, and our family of Modules, and other products actually work.

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Your Rapid Controls Development Software

MotoHawk® is a rapid controls system development tool that allows controls engineers to quickly create controls software within Simulink® diagrams, which run on any MotoHawk-enabled electronic control modules. Successfully used in thousands of production applications, MotoHawk supports control feature development, vehicle calibration, and fleet testing. It allows a variety of applications using both single controller and distributed by-wire implementations.

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Service and Calibration

Woodward offers a toolsuite of service and calibration tools for use with MotoHawk enabled electronic control units. The MotoTools suite offers MotoTune, MotoService, and MotoFlash. MotoTune is a calibration development tool which provides all the functionality needed for day-to-day calibration tasks plus programming. MotoService combines MotoViewer for field diagnostics with MotoUpdate for field flashing. MotoFlash is an end of line programming and labeling tool. Toolkit allows user to create professional human machine interface tools (HMI's). Additionally, third party tools can be used over CCP or on newer modules XCP.

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Electronic Control Modules

Woodward provides rugged electronic control modules that are especially designed and built for use in harsh automotive, heavy duty and industrial environments. With a wide range of processing power and input/output capabilities, the product line encompasses modules designed for almost every application– from the very simple to the very complex – and also provides straightforward migration paths to meet changing application requirements. Woodward control modules are available in configurations optimized for various applications, including engine and powertrain control (ECM); general-purpose control (GCM), and hydraulic control (HCM). Designs and capabilities are updated regularly, so consult with your Woodward representative to select the control that is best suited for your application requirements.

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