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easYgen 800

EasYgen800 back.jpg

Part Number: 8440-2254

MotoHawk target: GCM-STM32F205-064-089-1900

Compiler: GCC for ARM (10-026-616) Download GCC for ARM Now

Hardware Features

64-Pin platform
Microprocessor: ST STM32F2205, 120 MHz
Memory: 1 M flash, 128 K RAM, 32 K serial EEPROM
Operating Voltage: 8–35 Vdc
Operating Temperature: –25 to +70 °C
Case Dimension: 237 mm x 172 mm x 45 mm


19 Analog Inputs
22 Digital Inputs, 13 of which are buttons


11 LEDs
8 Relay drives
1 Alarm Buzzer


1 CAN 2.0b channels

Other Features

1 Real Time Clock
1 480 x 272 Monochrome Display

Product Summary

The easYgen 800 allows for HMI configuration and/or parameter display of values acquired over CAN bus. Future development could expose RS485 serial or Ethernet communications within MotoHawk.

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