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My license information is now Unlicensed

Occationally, the license dongle may become unrecognized by the MCS Software. To correct this, try the following:

Close all "Moto" programs - ex. MotoHawk, MotoTune, MotoServer Runtime... Start Windows Task Manager (CNLT-ALT-DEL), and choose processes. End any "Moto" process (ex. MotoHawk, MotoTune, MotoServer, MotoViewer) and End "mnfeature.exe" Move the dongle to another USB port, and then re-open the programs.

Install the latest USB driver from Marx Crypto: The driver is CPUSetup, Driver for Crypto-Box SC, XS, Versa.

If you have recently installed a newer version of MotoTune or MotoService, uninstall it using Windows Add/Remove Programs, and re-install it. If you are using Windows 7, Run the Installer as Admin (right click the installer and choose Run as Admin).

Try correcting the issue by starting License Update which is found under Start-->Programs-->MotoTools, and choose the second option to Cancel a Transaction. If this does not fix the issue, Run License Update again and choose the first option to Create a New Transaction. Email the file to, along with a brief description of the problem.

If License Update does not recognize the dongle, and you have tried the above steps, contact your Woodward Customer Service Representative or Channel Partner for a replacement.

When I build in MotoHawk, I get a build error for license failure

Run the script motohawk_check_license at the Matlab command prompt.


this will return a 1 if a license is detected, and a 0 if not.

Use the Motohawk License Viewer to verify that your dongle is licensed for the version of MotoHawk you are using.

Follow the above steps for 'My license information is now Unlicensed'

MotoHawk_Check_License Returns a 1 but build fails for license issue later

This is a known issue with the Marx Crypto box and USB3.0 ports. Put the dongle in a USB2.0 port. See USB3.0 for more information.