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Fault Action

This MotoHawk™ block defines a Fault Action, which can have any number of Faults routed to it.

Block ID



MotoHawk_lib/Fault Management Blocks


Fault Action.PNG

Fault can be initially configured at design-time, using the Fault Definition blocks, and can be modified from MotoTune using the Fault Manager calibration. Each Fault Definition can be mapped to up to four Fault Actions. There is no limit to the number of Faults which can map to any given Fault Action.

Block Parameters

Parameter Field Values Comments/Description
Action Name Alpha-numeric text, single-quote enclosed Indicate name of Fault Action that this block references. No special characters, such as spaces, dashes, commas (underscore allowed).
Output Action Status Check box (enable) Enable output port; output signal is true if any of the routed Faults have their Fault Action Condition met, which is some combination of the Suspected, Active, or Occurred status of the fault.