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Real Time Clock Set

This MotoHawk™ block sets the current date and time from the real time clock.

Block ID



MotoHawk_lib/Extra Development Blocks


Real Time Clock Set.PNG

Sets the current date and time from the real time clock.   Outputs:

minute offset from utc: Time differential in minutes from UTC
year: year
month: 0-11 = January-December
week number: 1-52
day of week: 0-6 = Sun-Sat
hour of day: hour
minute of hour: minute
second of minute: seconds
milliseconds of the second: milliseconds
day light saving: 1=DST
Day since Jan1 of the year: day of the year

Block Parameters

Parameter Field Values Comments/Description
Name Alpha-numeric text, single-quote enclosed Indicate name of Real Time Clock definition block that this block references. No special characters, such as spaces, dashes, commas (underscore allowed).