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Fault Set

This MotoHawk™ block sets the Suspected state of a fault, defined elsewhere (using a Fault Definition block), either by name, or using a fault_T input reference.

Block ID



MotoHawk_lib/Fault Management Blocks


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If the input signal is true, the fault becomes Suspected until the count reaches a number  X out of Y samples, when it becomes Active. The fault becomes inactive again after Y samples of input signal being false.

If Update X/Y Counters is checked, the X/Y counter state is updated once every Downsample Count executions of the block.

Block Parameters

Parameter Field Values Comments/Description
Fault Source Select method to indicate specified fault.
Lookup by Name Displays Fault name
Input Reference Signal Use input reference as fault source
Fault Name Alpha-numeric text, single-quote enclosed Specify Fault Source by Fault Name entered (must be exact match for existing input signal name).  Appears if "Fault name" is selected in "Fault Source."   No special characters, such as spaces, dashes, commas (underscore allowed)
Allow Indeterminate Input (values other than 0 or 1) Check Box (enable) Normally the Suspected input is a boolean value, where 0 means "OK", and 1 means "Fault". Both X and Y counters increment whenever the Suspected status is 1, and only Y increments when the Suspected status is 0.

When the checkbox "Allow Indeterminate Input (values other than 0 or 1)" is checked, then the Suspected input may be any value, of any data type. When the input is 0 or 1, it means "OK" or "Fault" as before. When the input is any other value, the Suspected status is not set, and, when "Update X/Y Values" is checked, the X/Y counters are not updated. This basically causes the fault detection logic to "pause", as though the block were placed into a disabled subsystem.

Several other MotoHawk I/O blocks, such as the Spark Sequence and Digital Output, produce diagnostics which are equal to 0,1,or 2, which correspond to "OK", "Fault", or "Indeterminate" respectively. These can be directly connected to a either Fault Definition or Fault Set block with Indeterminate option checked.
Update (X/Y) Values Check Box (enable) Enable  X/Y counter state update once every "Downsample Count" executions of the block. When unchecked, the Suspected status may still be updated, but X/Y counts do not increment.  The X/Y state can also be updated using using the Fault Set block with the "Update X/Y Values" parameter checked, or explicitly using the Fault Update block. Note that "Update X/Y Values" may still be used, even when "Input Suspected Status" is not checked. This simply means that the X/Y counters are advanced when this block executes with inherited sample time, using the current Suspected status as set from another Fault Set block.
Downsample Count Numeric Value Value used with X.Y Update to set number of execution cycles between updates. For 0 or 1, no extra state and counter logic is added, and the X/Y states update every time the block runs.