MotoHawk and MotoTools Licensing

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MotoHawk and MotoTools Licensing

General Information

MotoHawk and MotoTools (MotoTune and MotoService) are licensed via a silver USB token (dongle). The token must be placed in the USB port of the computer in order to use the software.

Tokens may be transferred from one person to another. The policy is simple; the software is licensed if the USB token is in your PC.

MotoTools Licenses

MotoTools license dongles never expire. They are licensed for all versions of MotoTune and/or MotoService. Dongles ship from production already licensed and do not require activation.

MotoHawk Licenses

MotoHawk is licensed for a specific release or set of MotoHawk releases. All MotoHawk licenses are for version 2008a through latest licensed release. The MotoHawk license is release based, not time based.


  1. MotoHawk dongles are shipped with a license for the current SP release at the time of order, plus one release version.
  2. Subsequent license updates require a Motohawk Maintenance Purchase, 8928-5047. This purchases two more versions of MotoHawk.
  3. Dongles with older MotoHawk licenses may require 'catch-up' maintenance purchases.

Purchase Example. If the current SP release at the time of order is 2011bSP0, the dongle will ship licensed for 2011b + one release, which will be 2012a.

MotoHawk Upgrade Example. If the dongle is currently licensed for MotoHawk 2012a, one purchase of MotoHawk Maintenance (8928-5047), will license the dongle to use up to MotoHawk 2013a. Two purchases of MotoHawk Maintenance will license the dongle to use up to MotoHawk 2014a.

How do I check what License are on my Token?

Follow this Link for Instruction on Viewing your License Information

How do I get a quote for a license update?

Contact your Woodward Account manager or Channel Partner.

How do I order a license update from the webstore?

The Woodward Webstore is available to provide the annual maintenance update. Follow this link to the 8928-5047 part in the webstore.

How do I Update my MotoHawk License?

A MotoHawk maintanance purchase is needed to update your Motohawk license. If you have purchased a Motohawk maintanance update, you can get your license updated by a quick and simple email transaction. Use the License Update tool to create a license .tkf file. Email this .tkf file to (if you purchased the license through one of Woodwards Channel Partners, email the .tkf file to the channel partner). We will then email an activation file (.acf) back to you that can be uploaded using the same License Update tool.

Hint: Be sure to include your Woodward Sales Order number with your email. A valid Woodward sales order is required for license maintenance updates.

Troubleshooting License Issues

Occasionally, a dongle may be unrecognized. See here for Troubleshooting help. If this does not resolve your issue, please contact us at, or contact your channel partner.