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Woodward MotoHawk® Software

Your Rapid Controls Development Software

MotoHawk® is a rapid controls system development tool that allows controls engineers to quickly create controls software within Simulink® diagrams, which run on any MotoHawk-enabled electronic control modules. Successfully used in thousands of production applications, MotoHawk supports control feature development, vehicle calibration, and fleet testing. It allows a variety of applications using both single controller and distributed by-wire implementations.


The MotoHawk Advantage

MotoHawk is a powerful development and prototyping system for Simulink/Stateflow users. Control models prototyped with MotoHawk move seamlessly from development into production.

Benefits of Model Based Design

  • Simpler, faster development cycle that is flexible to unanticipated changes.
  • Model Re-Use - sections of application logic can be stored in controlled libraries for re-use (on different hardware also)
  • Hardware can be used generically for multitude of applications
  • Testing can be done using the real produciton control hardware - prototype to produciton with the same hardware
  • Readable documentation of system design automatically created from models

Go from concept to production with less time and less cost.


• Auto-code generation of Simulink/Stateflow models using Embedded Coder/Stateflow Coder
• Rugged controllers for prototyping and production
• ControlCore-enabled software
• Off-the-shelf engine control libraries
• Calibration using MotoTune® or open-protocol tools (CCP/XCP)
• Responsive engineering and support services for a wide range of applications
• Electronic control modules available for development, fleet and production


• Simpler, faster development
• Better testing using real production ECM hardware
• Quickly develop and enhance software features in Simulink
• Analyze and control real-time OS from Simulink/Stateflow
• Direct access to the production controller’s I/O from Simulink
• Readable documentation of system design automatically created from models
• Lower cost for fleet testing; outfit an entire test fleet with rapid prototyping capability
• Custom block-set allows for integration of both handwritten and auto-code

Simulink® is a trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.

MotoHawk is a critical component in a model-based software design process.

Application developers work directly in the Simulink environment with a one step (CNTL-B) build that goes from application model to flash on Woodward Production Hardware.

MH Simulink.png

MotoHawk's Role in Model Based Design

MotoHawk is a Toolbox to Simulink and is the glue that connects the Model Based Developer with the Woodward MotoHawk Control Core enabled Hardware.


Where to Download MotoHawk

MotoHawk can be downloaded from the Software Search of Just type MotoHawk in the search box.

How is MotoHawk Licensed?

MotoHawk is licensed by a silver USB dongle that is placed in the USB port of the computer. All new MotoHawk purchases come with a dongle licensed for 2008a - Current Service Pack Release + 1.

This means that if the current SP release at the time of purchase is 2012b SP0, then the dongle would ship licensed for 2008a-2013a. (next release after 2012b is 2013a).

MotoHawk maintanance can be purchased later to then add additional MotoHawk licensed versions to the dongle.

See MotoHawk and MotoTools Licensing for more information.

MotoHawk Blockset Help

Want to Preview the MotoHawk Library, without installing MotoHawk?

You can find descriptions for each block in the MotoHawk library below, or by searching by block name. See: MotoHawk Blockset Help

What is Required to Use MotoHawk?

Mathworks Software

MotoHawk requires the following software be installed -

1. Matlab
2. Simulink
3. Matlab Coder
4. Embedded Coder
5. Simulink Coder

Stateflow, Stateflow Coder, or Fixed Point Toolboxes are optional.

The Mathworks Tools are purchased separately from the Mathworks and are not included with MotoHawk

MotoTune Software

MotoTune is used to Program the ECU, and for Calibration. Industry Standard tools that use CCP or XCP may also be used for calibration.
Another Woodward software package used for monitoring of parameters is the Toolkit HMI Software. ToolKit can program a subset of the modules.


MotoHawk 5xx and 55xx can use an open source GCC compiler or Greenhills compiler.

The S12 modules use Codewarrior by Freescale.

See Here for More Information on Supported Compilers

The GCC Compilers can be downloaded from the Software Search of Type GCC in the searchbox and leave other parameters as the default.

Greenhills may be purchased from Woodward as a node-locked or dongle license, or directly from Greenhills. Greenhills licenses purchased from Woodward do not contain maintanance from Greenhills.

Codewarrior compilers must be purchased from NXP.

Additional Blocksets give added Functionality

In addition to the extensive MotoHawk library, users can optionally purchase specialized blocksets to add additional power to the application design. Additional blocksets include:

  • ISO15765/UDS Woodward part number 1796-3084.
  • J1939 Woodward part number 5418-6688 (distributed with MotoHawk from version 2016b beta 4 onward)
  • MotoHawk MODBUS Library, Woodward part number 5418-7010 (coming soon)
  • MotoHawk CANOpen Library, Woodward part number 5418-7011 (coming soon)

MotoHawk Development Kits

A MotoHawk Development kit is available for users who are getting started. This contains the the MotoHawk & MotoTune software and licenses, plus all of the cables/harnesses required to get started with MotoHawk.


  • ECU Connector kit

The Mathworks software must be purchased from the Mathworks separately.

MotoHawk Kit.PNG

Other Related Parts

Note: 5404-1443 Kvaser Dual Channel replaces an older 5404-1324 Kvaser 2 Channel CAN

MATLAB version support

MotoHawk versions support a subset of MATLAB versions. In older versions (2008b and earlier), MATLAB versions 6.5.1 to 2009a were supported. Beginning with MotoHawk 2009a, the subset is smaller. See table below for MotoHawk / MATLAB version support:

MotoHawk Compatibility Matrix

MATLAB Version MotoHawk Version
2017b 2018a 2018b 2019a 2019b 2020a 2020b 2021a
8.6 (R2015b) Yes No No No No No No No
9.0 (R2016a) Yes Yes No No No No No No
9.1 (R2016b) Yes Yes Yes No No No No No
9.2 (R2017a) Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No
9.3 (R2017b) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
9.4 (R2018a) No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
9.5 (R2018b) No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
9.6 (R2019a) No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
9.7 (R2019b) No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
9.8 (R2020a) No No No No No Yes Yes Yes
9.9 (R2020b) No No No No No No Yes Yes
9.10 (R2021a) No No No No No No No Yes

Older MotoHawk to MATLAB compatibility

Toolchain independent

Beginning with MotoHawk 2009b, alpha level support for GCC is included in MotoHawk. GCC is considered Alpha level in 2009b and 2010a, and Beta forward.

For more information, see Using GCC with MotoHawk.

Design Principles

As a developer of MotoHawk, these are the fundamental rules that must be obeyed. It is a mission statement of sorts that drives the high quality, flexibility and consistency of MotoHawk. It also illustrates the direction of our technology as we strive to improve our tool.

All input/output ports are integer types

With many different module types and interfaces, it is possible to have modules that do not support floating point. Therefore all edges to the OS must have integer types.

All blocks are as complicated as they need to be

Due the variation in applications developed by MotoHawk, developers want to use different behaviors in vastly different ways. Therefore, blocks that over-complicate a basic behavior are not desired.

Optimized Build Process

Woodward's build process uses Mathworks Embedded Coder, a full featured production intent coder. The MotoHawk build process also features MotoCoder Technology - which optimizes the build for memory use (less Flash and less RAM used per build) using Optimized Driver Inclusion. If an output is not used, it is not included in the build. MotoCoder technology also allows ports to new hardware to occur very rapidly via software re-use, and behavior added for one module is often easily applied to another module.


MotoHawk Versions Prior to 2010a Do Not Support 64-Bit Windows, Windows 7, or 64-Bit Matlab.

Support for 64-bit Windows 7 was added in MotoHawk 2010a. Only 32-Bit MATLAB is supported by MotoHawk 2010a. 64-Bit Matlab is NOT supported in MH2010a.

64-Bit MATLAB is supported in MotoHawk 2010b and Higher.

32-bit Windows

Matlab 2016a and later no longer support any 32-bit Windows operating systems. MotoHawk 2018a is scheduled to be released without any 32-bit Windows support.

Windows 7

MotoHawk support for Windows 7 was added in MotoHawk 2010a.

Windows 8

Windows 8 is supported starting with MotoHawk 2013b SP0.

Known Issue

   The MotoHawk installer will have an issue supporting multiple versions of MotoHawk on machines which do not previously
   have .NET 2.0 installed.  If multiple versions of MotoHawk are intended, it is recommended to ensure .NET 3.0 SP1 
   (includes .NET 2.0) is installed before installing the first MotoHawk version.

Windows 10

MotoHawk is compatible with Windows 10 starting with MotoHawk 2015b.

Known Issue

   The MotoHawk installer will have an issue supporting multiple versions of MotoHawk on machines which do not previously
   have .NET 2.0 installed.  If multiple versions of MotoHawk are intended, it is recommended to ensure .NET 3.0 SP1 
   (includes .NET 2.0) is installed before installing the first MotoHawk version.

Build Errors

The following category page contains known MotoHawk build errors and workaround/fixes.

Build Errors

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